Vacation should not make a hole in your pocket

Vacation should not make a hole in your pocket

Vinod is planning to travel to Goa to bring in the New Year. He has been extremely busy and  has not made bookings for travel or stay. To his dismay he finds his favorite hotel room has become three times as expensive and so have the flights He really wants to bring in the New Year in style but is worried that it will cost his more than he can afford. Like Vinod there are many who have not made their plan well in advance and now have to pay through the nose to go on a vacation over the New Year.

Planning can save you tons

Vacations can be an expensive affair and especially so if you are travelling with family. Planning 3 to 6 months in advance can make a lot of difference to the amount of expense that will be incurred.  The best Air fares are normally available for bookings made at least 3 months in advance. For example a  flight to Goa will cost you Rs 9500 per person December 30 compared on just Rs 3355 on April 1st 2015. Similarly booking a hotel at least 21 days in advance  can lead to great saving as not only is the rack rate lower but some hotels will offer additional discount as well.  For example the rate for a Deluxe room at Fortune Select Regina Goa for March 15, 2015 is Rs 6089 per night with an additional 15% discount thrown in.  The same room is priced at Rs 20, 300 for New Years Eve!


Disclaimer: All comparisons on Cleartrip.com on 11th December ,2014


Location – Many like Vinod would like to bring in the New Year at Goa but have you explored alternatives? Popular places are not only expensive but overly crowded. Why not choose a lesser known alternative that provides the same, if not better experience while saving you tons of cash. Selecting an alternative mode of amusement might make sense to a few as well. For example you might want to visit the local amusement park with you family and have a good times.

Stay – Apart for hotels most  destination have other alternatives modes of accommodation as well like Bed and Breakfast and Home stay. One can enjoy a very comfortable stay at a fraction of the cost of traditional hotels. Sites like Airbnb.com have multiple properties listed in major cities to choose from.

Travel – Travelling cost can be a big party of your vacation expenses.  You can choose alternative means of transport like railways for shorter durations.  If train travel time is less than 24 hours it might make more sense to travel by train than spending on  expensive flight tickets.

If you did not plan in advance and can’t afford to go on a vacation now don’t lose heart. There are a variety of ways to have a good time with your friends and family. On the hindsight you will be thankful for not throwing away your hard earned money.Since summer vacations are more than months away why don’t you start planning for one right away?

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