Child Education Planning

All the responsible parents dream to give the world’s best education to their beloved children. But to make sure that this dream turns into reality with the ever increasing cost of education, you need to do a proper planning for it. Savings and investments for education, if done in a planned way, right from the birth of your child, will save you from any financial crunch later. Our education planner is designed to help you in estimating the future cost of the course you desire for your kin and at the same time, it will also help you to plan the additional savings you need.

Marriage Planning

Marrying children royally is a common dream for parents in India. Like education planning of children, marriage planning is also essential for realizing your dream. Here, our calculator comes to your aid. It will help you to determine the amount you that you will need to save for the wedding of any of your children.


Insurance Planning

Life insurance in today’s time is an inevitable requirement. If you have the strong desire to set-off all of your liabilities and manage your family’s need even when you are not with them anymore, the analysis about the life cover needed by you become quintessential. Our Insurance calculator helps you to get an idea about how much life cover is needed by you based on the number of your dependents, age, income and loans running.

Retirement Planning

One can retire from work, but never from life. So, to live a better life after retirement, its pre-planning is essential.  Our retirement planner helps you to plan your savings for your retirement based on your expenses, age and family structure. This planner will not only help you to decide the amount to be invested each month or year to get a regular income after retirement, but will also give you an idea about how much of corpus accumulated will be sufficient for you to live a happy life after retirement.

Wealth Builder

Accumulation of wealth over time comes with only a proper planning, investment and determination. So, if you wish to build your wealth, use our wealth calculator. Our calculator will help you to give an idea about how much money you would need to invest in a specific period of time to accumulate an estimated wealth.


SIP Calculator

If you are aware about the mutual funds, you must know that SIPs are the best way of investing in them. If you are fond of investing in the SIPs, our SIP calculator will help you to know the value that you can get at the end of the period with your expected rate of return.


Buying a House

Owning a house gives the sense of security but with increasing cost of real estate it is becoming out of reach for many individuals. Home loans can help you achieving your dream but you need a certain amount towards down payment. Let’s calculate how much money you should invest to accumulate the desired amount.


Vacation Planning

Earning and savings give satisfaction but not alone. Timely breaks from the work life are important to give your life a balance and happiness. Any dream vacation planning needs a good fund also. It is a good practice to save some money every month to spend a good vacation. To meet your objective, our calculator will help you to plan investments for your dream vacation.


Buying A Car

This will sound odd to you. Why do you need a planner for buying a car? With easy loan facilities for buying a car we do not feel the need of planning, but we ignore the fact that the interest paid for it, needs to be managed all the time, which if ignored, increases the cost of car. With our calculator, you will find it easy to develop an investment plan for buying the car of your dream.

Simple Tax Calculator

Evading tax responsibility is a sin, but planning to save from it is a virtue. If you wish to plan your taxes by knowing your tax liabilities for each year, our tax calculator may prove beneficial for you in every aspect. Try it once to save your taxes.


Personal Budget

Everybody loves the thought of saving, but when it comes to act for it, we find it difficult to achieve. It is because; in the absence of planning no thought can produce any result. It is true, that for saving money we cannot stop our expenses, but at least we can analyse our expenses to put a cap on the unnecessary or controllable expenses. Nothing can help you better in making a balance between your expenses and income than a personal budget planner.


Tax Calculator (Advanced)

With our advanced tax calculator you can easily calculate the exemptions and deductions on the investments done by you. If you always find it difficult to remember about the maximum limits of deduction allowed under different heads, this calculator is specially meant for you. This calculator gives you information about various sections of income tax act to help you saving maximum tax.